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Like any community, Jopla also needs rules that protect the safety and quality of service for every Jopla user.

By joining our project, you are committed to respecting these 10 rules to ensure respectful collaborations and a welcoming environment for everyone.

  1. Use respectful and non-hostile language. Discriminatory or offensive comments relating to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability are not tolerated.
  2. Be punctual in every moment of the work performance.
  3. Whether you are a customer or a professional, always guarantee the safety and cleanliness of the environment for the people you work with.
  4. Respect local laws and the laws of the territory in which you operate.
  5. Communicate clearly: anticipate your expectations regarding the work to be done.
  6. Only express interest if you really want to accept a job offer or collaborate with a professional. If you think there is no compatibility, please continue your search by consulting other customer offers or PRO profiles.
  7. Maintain the agreements made in the interview regarding job duties and payments. If you have a Jopla PRO profile, we ask that you do not negotiate the terms of performance after accepting the job.
  8. Agree on exceptions before starting work. Avoid surprises such as the presence of unknown people while performing work, requests for additional compensation, the need for assistance from a third person or any requests for legal assistance.
  9. We know that sometimes life is complicated and that anyone can have the unexpected. Despite this, postponing or terminating a job with short notice can only happen in the event of force majeure situations, such as illness, a family emergency or an extreme weather event. Promptly notify the customer or the PRO of the cancellation by clicking on “Cancel” on the “Jobs” page. If possible, explain broadly the reasons for the cancellation, so that the other person can understand your reasons and above all try to find a replacement quickly. In case of cancellations communicated without sufficient notice, we ask you to make a report to Jopla so that we can investigate with the person concerned and possibly report their profile.
  10. Based on these principles, the laws in force and the spirit of Jopla, we have defined 5 Policies that explain how our services work.
    We invite you to read them and follow their directions:
    1. Terms and Conditions: here you will find the rules for using the Jopla platform;
    1. Review Policy: here we explain how the management of reviews works;
    2. Fidelity Policy: here you will find all the details of the loyalty program
    3. Friends Policy: here you can find out how to invite other people to Jopla and receive benefits;
    4. Welfare Policy: this is the section dedicated to companies that want to improve employee welfare by giving them access to Jopla services.

While understanding that some situations may be difficult to manage, we at Jopla reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to suspend or permanently disable profiles that violate the above rules, without the person concerned being able to claim and / or claim any compensation.

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