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  • Share your referral code with friends. Each friend who signs up for an annual Jopla subscription using your invitation gets a 50 euro discount and for each subscription you will receive a 50 euro voucher for groceries!
  • The offer is valid for friends who haven’t previously subscribed to Jopla.
  • You may invite as many friends as you like.
  • You can claim up to 10 vouchers per year.
  • Your 50€ vouchers are valid for 360 days from date of emission.
  • Your voucher becomes available when your friend signs up for an annual subscription. You can view your vouchers in the ‘Invite your friends’ section of Jopla For You.

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Invite other people to open a Jopla PRO profile and improve your loyalty level. Offer valid for your friends who sign up for the first time on Jopla PRO and have performed a paid service through Jopla. The higher your loyalty level, the more benefits you will get: greater visibility in customer results, discounts of up to EUR 100 on the Jopla For You subscription up to a dedicated selection path if you want to join the Jopla Srl SB team

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