Environmental Sustainability

  • We promote zero-impact work practices
  • Offset your CO2 emissions and make the world a better place with Jopla
  • Joining the Jopla community means striving for a better world
  • Whether you are a professional or a client, your actions can make a difference

1. How to minimise your impact on the environment


If you have a Jopla FOR YOU profile (client)

  • Take travel emissions into account when you choose a professional.
  • Offset the journey emissions of professionals who work with you
  • You can also choose to offset your own personal (or business) emissions
  • If you reach the “Conscious” loyalty level, Jopla will contribute to offsetting emissions


If you have a Jopla PRO profile (professional)

  • Minimise CO2 emissions from your trips by using low-impact modes of transport (public transport, bicycle, on foot, hybrid vehicle)
  • Improve your candidate ranking by choosing transport which minimises emissions

2. Measure your progress

Through our partnership with the Swiss foundation Myclimate, Jopla helps you calculate the CO2 impact of your commute.

Myclimate’s algorithm measures entire lifecycle emissions: the CO2 emitted from driving the vehicle, as well as the emissions generated from its manufacture, the construction and maintenance of the road, and, where applicable, the petrol refining process.

An example of how you can calculate emissions associated with your transactions on Jopla:

3. Offset your impact

You can choose to compensate your CO2 emissions with a voluntary contribution, which we will invest in social and environmental projects in different parts of the world.

The projects, managed by the Swiss foundation Myclimate, are certified (The Gold Standard, Plan Vivo Foundation) and contribute towards the UN-defined Sustainable Development Goals.

You can choose to offset your Jopla transactions, as well as your own personal CO2 footprint, or emissions associated with your company. Become an example!

Read more about why it’s important to reduce your CO2 emissions

How do Jopla emissions offsets work?

If you have a Jopla FOR YOU profile, it doesn’t take much. You can choose whether to offset every job you assign to a professional, or you can offset periodically.

For example: if the professional you choose to work with drives 100km with a medium-sized petrol car, their trips produce 30kg of CO2. One euro is enough to compensate these trips.


In the Karnataka region, firewood and chemical fertilisers are being replaced by domestic biogas plants. The environment benefits from this thanks to less forest degradation, the reduction of CO2 emissions from burned wood and methane from bovine manure. People benefit from less pollution in the home and higher agricultural yields.

Read more about this project.

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In Nicaragua, farming families are reforesting unused parts of their land with native species. The environment benefits from this thanks to the conservation of natural resources. People benefit from major sources of income.

Read more about this project.


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