Personalised insurance

Confused about which type of insurance cover you need when you’re at work?
Whether you are a professional or an employer, choosing the right insurance can be a real headache.

Luckily, Jopla has it covered! We have two tailored insurance solutions so you can work or hire a professional in complete security.

If you are a Client, insurance is included in the rate you pay your PRO through Jopla. If you are a PRO, insurance is completely free, as long as you are paid through Jopla.

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Cover damage to client property caused by negligence or oversight by PRO*.

For this insurance Jopla partners with:

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* professionals who carry out the following activities cannot be insured: Physiotherapy; Hiking; Boxing; Personal Care; Pet Sitting for animals other than dogs, cats, birds, fish, small mammals, horses and farm animals.

Direct messages for quick and easy communication

Transparent communication is fundamental to a successful working relationship. Jopla’s messaging service is at your disposal from the moment of first contact between client and professional.

You can use the service for organising interviews, agreeing work times, and in case of emergencies (hopefully not!). Because at Jopla, we want you to feel in control and in contact, always.

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If you have a Jopla FOR YOU profile, the service is included in your subscription.

If you are a Jopla PRO, there is no charge for direct messging.

Perfect organisation with Jopla calendar

Thanks to Jopla’s integrated calendar, you can organise all your professional appointments easily and with confidence.

Your personal calendar helps you organise all phases of client/professional collaboration; scheduling interviews, fixing work times and recording other important dates. Your Jopla calendar makes it easy to keep track of your work commitments.

jopla calendar

If you have a Jopla FOR YOU profile, the service is included in your subscription.

If you have a Jopla PRO profile, there is no charge for the calendar.

Clear, transparent contracts

The work contract protects both client and professional by defining the terms of collaboration.

Drafting a contract isn’t always simple and it can be tempting to skip it, which is fine unless things don’t go according to plan.

To keep things simple, Jopla takes care of your contract. Our algorithm calculates the options which could be suitable and even lets you sign online*.

* mediation of subordinate contracts is not supported.

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If you have a Jopla FOR YOU profile, the contract service is included in your subscription.

If you have a Jopla PRO profile, there is no charge for the contract.

Secure, protected payments

If you have a Jopla FOR YOU profile, you can choose to pay for work carried out by Jopla PROs either separately or online, through Jopla’s payment service.
All payments carried out through Jopla are secure and transparent. We use Stripe‘s payment platform for maximum peace of mind when sending and receiving payments.

Online payments include a commission, but there are several benefits. If you are a Jopla PRO, you won’t be charged for receiving online payments.

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Advantages for Jopla FOR YOU customers:
  • You are automatically eligible for insurance against injury for any PRO who works for you and for insurance against damage to your property.
  • Payments you make are transparent and traceable.
  • Bank commission charges are already included.
  • You’ll earn Jopla Loyalty points for discounts and other benefits.
  • You can easily keep track of jobs you have paid for.
  • You can easily change the payment amount if your PRO works more or fewer hours than budgeted.
  • You will reduce time and cost needed for tax and security returns thanks to Jopla’s automatic payment management.
Advantages for Jopla PRO professionals:
  • You automatically get Insurance against injury and property damage insurance to protect you and your clients.
  • Payments are guaranteed: you don’t need to worry about late or missed payments.
  • Payments can be easily traced
  • Sali di livello con Jopla Fedeltà per ottenere sconti e vantaggi futuri, come un buono per la spesa fino a 80 EUR.
  • You can easily change your price quote if the hours you work differs from the estimate.
  • If your clients are paying below market rates we’ll recommend a raise.
  • Tax and social security administration is, quicker and easier thanks to automatic payment management.

No stress admin

Tax returns, social security registration… making sense of it all can be a chore. When you work through Jopla, we guide you through the process every step of the way.

Our selected partners are experts in everything administration. You can contact them for advice on what you need to do and help with your submission.



  • tax and social security advice
  • INPS (social security) registrations, changes and terminations

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  • tax and social security advice
  • IVA registration, change or termination
  • INPS (social security) registration, change or termination
  • tax return completion and submission
  • F24 payments

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