Why did Jopla choose to become a B Corp?

We at Jopla believe that a company is sustainable when it makes three complementary aspects sustainable in parallel: its economic activity, its positive impact on people and society and no negative effect on the environment.

Jopla’s DNA is precisely that of pursuing the common benefit and operating responsibly towards people, society and the environment. We also put it in black and white when we chose the legal form of Jopla Srl SB: we are a “Benefit Company”.

This assures the whole Jopla community that our company will continue to pursue the common benefit over time, and to communicate in a transparent manner the measures adopted to follow this path.

There are several valid tools to help us measure the principles of sustainability that are important to us.

We have assessed that the international B Corp system is the one that best allows us to evaluate, compare and improve together with companies from all over the world that share our objectives.

Download the Impact Report 2021 (Italian version)


What is a B Corp?

B Corp  certified companies are companies that meet the highest standards in economic, social and environmental activity, in transparency towards the public, and carry out the legal responsibility of having to balance profit and social mission.

The Corp community works to reduce inequality, decrease poverty, have a healthier environment, build stronger communities and increase the number of quality jobs.

B Corps are therefore accelerating a global culture shift to redefine business success and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Jopla achieved the “Pending B Corp” status in January 2022.

B Corp also allows you to measure the contribution of the Jopla team and users towards the Sustainable Development Goals, defined by the United Nations for 2030.

B Corp is therefore a guarantee for Jopla’s friends. It helps us to better measure our performance of responsibility and altruism, and to communicate it.

In this way, with facts, we want to attract and retain talent, improve economic results, inspire investors, be part of a global movement of leaders who share our values and lead the change together.

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