Are you looking for a professional carer?

  • Find a professional carer located nearby
  • Manage communication, bookings calendar, contract and payments directly through Jopla
  • Employ responsibly (when you pay through Jopla, we’ll take care of insurance for your PRO)
  • Protect the environment by minimising and offsetting CO2 emissions incurred by the person you choose

Who are Jopla’s PROs?

You can find profiles for any PRO in the Jopla network online. 

Each carer’s profile shows their references so you can check qualifications and experience, whether in home-based care, hospital or care homes.


Our PROs have a wide range of expertise, and can take care of your loved ones, whatever their age or state of health. Whether you need to care for a young person or an older person, disabled or elderly, you can find the PRO who is specialised in the kind of care you need by looking at the information listed on their profile.


The kind of care you need depends on the state of health of the person you are caring for. Our PROs include carers specialised in home help, elderly care and social workers. Do you have additional requirements? Whether you’re looking for a carer who is an animal lover, a non-smoker, or you have other requirements, Jopla profiles give you the information you need to find and choose the right person.


We invite all Jopla PROs to list their training and qualifications, such as first aid training or courses in home care or social work.


With Jopla, you can easily see if a PRO has worked for someone you know.

If you choose, you can specify groups you are part of (for example school, sport or work). If you complete your Jopla registration through Facebook, we can make recommendations based on your existing network.


We know how important it is to work with people you trust. Jopla is configured to highlight PROs who share the values which are most important to you and your loved ones: courtesy, trustworthiness, flexibility, empathy and conscientiousness.


Jopla‘s community also stands for a healthier planet. Jopla helps you understand which PRO will help you minimise your environmental impact, by calculating the CO2 emissions entailed by their travel. You can also offset any emissions incurred through our site: your contributions will invest in selected, certified social and environmental projects.

Safety and peace of mind

Jopla exists to give you a smooth, stress-free experience. With Jopla you can browse and select a qualified professional carer: all our PROs have public references which can be consulted online, and can also conduct job interviews online. 

What’s more, when you pay your professional carer through Jopla, the insurance solutions provided by our partner programmes can protect you and your PRO from work accidents (valid for contracted services of EUR40 or more). Which means more peace of mind for both you and your professional.

Are you looking for a professional in other areas?

Through Jopla you can find professional services in many sectors:

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