Jopla is a community of people with a transparent goal:

promoting well-being in an inclusive society.

True, the world can be improved in many ways. We of the Jopla team have chosen one and we carry it forward with determination: we want to make the connections easier and more inclusive between those looking for professionalism and those who offer this professionalism, reducing the environmental impact generated by their collaboration. We love the mix & match concept!

We pursue the common benefit and act responsibly towards people, society and the environment: this is Jopla’s DNA. We put it in black and white even when we chose the legal form of Jopla Srl SB: we are a “Società Benefit”.

This assures the whole Jopla community that our company will continue to pursue the common benefit over time, and to communicate in a transparent manner the measures adopted to follow this path.

Jopla’s values


There is no Dunning-Kruger effect in Jopla! We do not overestimate ourselves: we speak honestly about what we do well but we know that every person, occasion or challenge will teach us something. We believe it is important to know how to evaluate yourself and recognise your limits. We also ask the same to those who want to become part of our community.


Who gets off to a good start is half the battle, right?
That is why we are not afraid to get involved and do everything possible to solve problems, evolve or improve ourselves. And if you can’t find what you need, we and our algorithms are there to guide you and support you on the path that will lead you to reach the goal you have set for yourself.


Our language is informal because we like to feel part of a community. But our informality is always polite, respects diversity and smiles at anyone who has the will, like us, to improve people’s daily lives. We are aware that, to change the color of a day, a friendly “Ciao, have a nice Job!”


We will always do everything to tell you yes, ok, it can be done!
But let’s be honest: we know that sometimes a NO is necessary and that we don’t always have the answer you want to hear. However, we would like to tell you how we think: we believe that honesty is one of the most important forms of respect among people.


We are an open book. Each step, from the moment we process a data to that in which we conclude a collaboration or the performance of a service, is traced, transparent, simple and clear. We care about your privacy as if it were our own, and we want everyone in our community to feel protected.


It is only thanks to the diversity of experiences that excellent routes are built: we have never had any doubts about this. On diversity and respect we have built our algorithm: a technology that learns based on preferences, needs and experiences and seeks the perfect match between professional and client.

Interest in people

Every company claims that people are important, and how to blame them? In Jopla, this phrase translates into concrete actions: let’s preserve people’s future and not just their present. We do this by promoting economic fairness with an efficient and inclusive service, and also by taking care of the health of the planet. Our programs allow Jopla users to lower their CO2 emissions and to use their time in a virtuous way. It is through dignity and respect for life that we put people at the center.

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The Jopla team

The Jopla team is attended by people with different professional skills, experts in customer service, project management and software development. We are supported by reliable partners in data administration, companies that guarantee transparent procedures for the assignment and management of work.

Santarcagelo di R. (Italia)

El Hamel
Santarcagelo di R. (Italia)

Inclusive Copywriter
San Bonifacio (Italia)

UX / Web Designer
Santarcangelo di R. (Italia)

Software Architect
Cesena (Italia)

Jopla PRO Developer
Cesena (Italia)

Andrea Giacomini
Jopla FY Developer
Cesena (Italia)


Creative Advisor
Santarcangelo di R. (Italia)

Work Compliance Advisor
Santarcangelo di R. (Italia)

Work Compliance Advisor
Santarcangelo di R. (Italia)

Sustainability Advisor
Santarcangelo di R. (Italia)

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