Would you like to play a new sport, fun and maybe to play as a team. And perhaps, given its enormous diffusion, you have heard about the benefits of padel tennis and would like to try it. If finding a field to play on is now very easy even in Italy, choosing a padel tennis teacher could give you a few more headaches.


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At Jopla we know that the choice of the teacher is one of the most important moments for anyone approaching a new sport. This is why we have decided to simplify your life and recommend 5 points to take into consideration to guide you in choosing a padel tennis teacher.

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5 details to choose the padel tennis teacher

Choosing the teacher to start a new discipline – be it a sport, an artistic or educational activity – is never easy and carries with it a series of preliminary doubts: what characteristics should the teacher have? How to know if she is the right person for me?

If the choice concerns sport, the questions multiply and considerations about the goals you want to achieve and your initial level of physical endurance come into play.

Before relying on any padel tennis teacher, remember that it is essential to find a person who makes you love sport and who knows how to motivate you in the long term, even when the going gets tough . 😉

So how do you choose the ideal padel tennis teacher who makes you want to learn and perfect your technique?

Let’s try to make order with these 5 points to evaluate when choosing the padel tennis teacher.

1. His/her presence on the field

A good padel tennis teacher should have a bearing and confidence that makes you understand immediately what his role is .
He/she knows how to welcome you and make you feel at ease but also manage your worries without undermining them. He/she knows how to involve you from the first lesson and keep you entertained. And, of course, he loves playing padel… and he/she doesn’t hide it.

2. Your experience as a teacher

Depending on your goals with padel tennis, it is important to know what the experience and qualifications of the teacher you will choose are.

In Italy, padel is governed by the FIT , the Italian Tennis Federation . If you want to train with a teacher recognized by the FIT, you can search for an affiliated padel club in your area and take a look at its website: sometimes the qualifications of the instructors also appear.

Alternatively, you can consult the list of padel instructors on Jopla, find the professional closest to you and ask directly about his qualifications and level of experience.

3. The organization of the lessons

We take it for granted that the quality of the padel teacher also depends on the his reliability and respect for lesson times. But punctuality is not enough. Also evaluate how the teacher prepares the class, if she already has activities ready for you to do and how she manages the class in the case of group lessons. Then observe how she manages breaks, if she wastes time or if she follows a schedule to make the most of your training time together .

And finally, how does the lesson end? A good padel teacher usually leaves you with a good feeling of satisfaction after training and the desire to play again as soon as possible!

4. Attention and concentration

A good teacher should always keep the attention paid to his students. Sometimes you may come across teachers who do not focus on the various stages of training and perhaps get distracted with the phone during breaks, or chat with other teachers or acquaintances of the club where they work. This is not a good sign!
Look for a teacher who devotes all his attention to the lesson and who does not lose sight of your goals with padel tennis.

5. Interest in your progress

Knowing that your or your padel teacher is cheering on you is a great motivator. Whether you practice padel at a competitive or amateur level, having a padel teacher who is by your side , motivates you and is interested in your progress is one of the keys to love the sport and practice it for a long time. Try to choose a teacher who knows how to be present but with discretion, who asks you questions to know your impressions and who loves to give you sincere advice to help you improve.